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What is the source of the legal stigma to returning items to shops for refunds to different cards than were used to buy them?

A consumer purchased an item from a ship using a bank card as payment. Almost all shops when processing returns will at least make a token gesture or pretence of ensuring that the card which is ...
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2 answers

If a cashier forgets to charge me for something, do I have to remind them?

Suppose I’m buying 10 items, and I notice that the cashier has accidentally only scanned 9 of them, leading to a total that is too low. Do I have a duty to remind the cashier? I understand that the ...
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What makes a price tagged item on a shelf an invitation to treat, rather than an offer of sale?

Contrast the counter intuitive treatment in law of a store displaying stock on its shelves, with the much more common sensical treatment of a poster for an auction. In an auction the stock may be ...
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Is it legal in England for unpasteurised dairy products to be sold in retail stores?

I understand that it is not legal to sell unpasteurised dairy products in retail stores in England, at least in the case of raw milk. (It must be purchased directly from farmers.) But then one sees ...
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2 answers

Merchandise damaged prior to purchase

Imagine one is browsing items in the aisles of a grocery store and drops one of them accidentally on the floor so it breaks. Must any grocery store would generally write it off and tell a customer not ...
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1 answer

Do anti discrimination provisions apply to online as well as brick and mortar retail vendors?

Suppose a shop commits unlawful discrimination by selling products to only one race or only one sex, and a court rules that this constitutes direct unlawful discrimination. Now suppose that a website ...
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1 answer

What is the threshold of suspicion for retail loss prevention to subject shoppers to various impositions

Meet Bob. Bob purchased something and elects not to print/collect a receipt from the self checkout till. The security then accosts him suspecting him of not paying for it and he insists that he did, ...
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1 answer

Mistaken refund by corporate chain till computer system

Meet Bob. Bob purchased 10 bottles of champagne from a large grocery chain, triggering an automatically applied "multi buy" discount of 8%. He then brings the receipt back and returns 3 of ...