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Does the Consumer Rights Act (2015; UK) apply to an explicit warranty?

I purchased an mp3 player that promises a 3 year extended warranty/free returns upon registration. A year in, the product failed. After some hassle, they offered a replacement product that is not ...
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A 3d printer was gifted, now the gifter wants it back [closed]

So my friend is having an issue where his ex employer gave him a 3D printer as a gift. Before accepting the gift he told his employer he could not afford to buy it from him multiple times. The ex ...
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Could buying goods with the pre-formed intention of exercising one’s contractual right to change one’s mind to return/refund them attract legal stigma

Bob buys some things from a shop that allows purchases from it to be returned within 30 days with the receipt without any reason. Bob buys them with a ready formed intention to return them a few days ...
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question about gifts given, can someone legally take back a gift? [duplicate]

A "friend" of mine is currently trying to get back an item from me they gifted, they claim it was given because of mania and I took advantage because I did not decline the gift. I have photo ...
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Statutory right to return shoes bought online that don't fit

Online shoe seller's policy is to allow returns within fourteen days of purchase at buyer's expense if the shoes have their tags on them and are not worn outdoors. I received mine tried them on and a ...
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What happens to Kyle Rittenhouse's AR-15 now?

It is my understanding, that the rifle was taken away from the accused, and that it was part of the evidence used during trial by the prosecution. However, now that the trial is over and the man is ...
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Can product replacement terms be left open to interpretation?

This question is pertaining to the "BuyBack" guarantee offered by "Flipkart" (an ecommerce company owned by Walmart in India). Flipkart offers a BuyBack policy on mobile phones but in their policy ...
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Can someone legally require me to return a gift they gave me?

So a "friend" in Canada sent me a tablet ( I think it was worth $400 U.S. currency) to replace the one I had that I could barely do anything on. I never asked for one, and I remember repeatedly that I ...
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Volunteering Breach of Warranty When Returning Goods

Here is the hypothetical situation that my following question will refer to: Person A purchases goods online. Person A modifies goods in a way that would likely void warranty but the item still works....
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Am I legally obligated to return a lost iPhone I found? [duplicate]

The other day while biking, I found an iPhone laying on the side of the road. I picked it up, and brought it home with me. I didn't think of it much at the time because I had work to do, and I had to ...
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Any obligation to return an accidental second payout?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), if you receive an item you did not order - it should be considered as a gift - and you are not obligated to pay for it - or return it. Question is, ...
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