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Questions tagged [rhode-island]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Rhode Island.

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What to Do About an Executor Lawyer Who Gives No Sign of Closing an Estate

I am trying to ascertain how long it should take a lawyer to close someone's estate. I know that each situation is different, but let me provide you with some general details: A Rhode Island woman who ...
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Resale lemon laws

A truck is sought with the express intent of plowing (in RI). A truck, with a plow attached, is offered (in RI). The owner states that to the best of his knowledge, the truck plows and is in good ...
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Rhode Island and Connecticut

My real property instructor wrote, "Connecticut and Rhode Island are divided into geographic regions called counties, but they do not have functioning governments, as defined by the Census Bureau." I ...
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How might I hold neighbor liable if a hazardous tree falls on my property? [duplicate]

My neighbor has a tree planted near the fence, and it overhangs my property. Branches have fallen but have not caused any damage. I want to ensure that the neighbor would be held liable should there ...
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Advice if concept is too general for NDA [closed]

I am currently low on money and have no way of paying for a patent on a new device I have designed. However, I wish to spread my idea to a few others who may be willing to help me grow the concept and ...
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In Massachusetts Can I Record Calls to and From Business?

I live in Rhode Island, we are a one party state. I have a small service business. For both of our security i like to record the call in case of further issue in the future. Rhode Island is a one ...
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Do I have to legally change my address, car registration, license info, etc. if I am renting in MA but working in RI?

I have been unable to find a definitive answer online and was hoping someone on here could help. I currently live in RI with my parents and fiance. All of my documentation and hers have our RI ...
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Does a landlord have to tell you the reason for entering your apartment?

Today a "representative of the investors" in my apartment complex entered my apartment for an inspection. As the inspector was leaving he said to me that I passed the inspection, but just barely. I ...
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