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Is a repair technician responsible for the issues he created?

A repair technician was hired to repair a microwave (MW), but instead he broke the oven attached to said MW, and then said that he cannot repair either appliance unless I make the back of both ...
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Is it legal to fix an iPhone with a non original battery in California?

I got my iPhone XR battery replaced 6 months ago. I chose a bigger capacity battery. The tech guy told me it is not apple's original part. But I decided to give it a shot. Battery life has been ...
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Can "Right to Repair" laws (or other laws) require a company to open source their proprietary firmware?

AFAIK, there are no prohibitions here that require omission of specifics, so I will be specific. Over the years, I have invested a fair sum of money on products made by a company called Sonos. Fairly ...
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