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Do I need to get transit permits for an unmanned circumnavigating ship?

Suppose I built a small unmanned robotic ship (1.5 m long), and I intend to make it circumnavigate the Earth without stopping in any port along the way. Under international law, do I have to get ...
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Can I get sued for using a betting bot?

I have created a bot for roulette that makes a bet on a certain condition. In their terms of service, the casino — PokerStars Casino — says that any use of bots is prohibited. I understand that I ...
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What are the regulations around autonomous/unmanned boats?

I'm an engineer working on an autonomous boat project. I want to make sure I'm not breaking any laws, but I've been unable to find any laws specifically regulating drone boats (unmanned/autonomous). ...
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Is a social media bot/user script illegal?

Say there is a desktop application software with the purpose of automating certain tasks on social media sites and the developer plans to operate in the US. The desktop application essentially opens ...
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Is creating a informatical robot for poker or games illegal?

I am talking here about informatical robots that will make some operations without any human interaction. You can find many stories about poker robots that play without anyone behind the computer on ...
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Commercial autonomous (delivery) robot using sidewalks

Is it legal to operate a commercial autonomous robot on public sidewalks (and street crossings) to deliver pizza for example? The robot would not operate directly on roads or streets where it could ...
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