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Rules of practice and procedure in a court of law. Related tags: process, civil-procedure

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Can defendants wear an earpiece or headset in the dock to communicate with their lawyer?

Besides its presumed prejudicial effect on juries' perception of defendants, secure docks such as the one pictured below are often criticised for inhibiting defendants' ability to communicate with ...
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In Blackadder Goes Forth, Corporal Punishment, Captain Darling (Counsel for Prosecution) is a defense witness. Is this allowed in a court martial? Basically, Lieutenant George (accidentally called to be the defense counsel, because Baldrick sent for the wrong person) tries to get Captain ...
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Are prayers for relief permitted and/or need to be set forth in a sort of hierarchy?

In cases when a plaintiff does not know based on what cause of action or in which prayer the court may or will order relief out of two or more that, in their practical effect, are the same, ...
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Is making my co-tenants sign a contract to pay their share of the bills helpful in court?

I share a house with three other people, and as I was the first to move in, I had to sign up for some of the bills with my name. However, some of my co-tenants are rather slow and unwilling to pay ...
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Ways to speed up a divorce?

Situation: One spouse is interested in getting the divorce over with quickly, and the other spouse is interested in going very slowly. The interest in going slowly is because the status quo is much ...
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Ex-parte communication between a Judge and Prosecutor - ethical breach or canon violation?

I was the defendant in a case and had the strange feeling that the Judge and Prosecutor were very friendly. After the hearing and verdict (not in my favor) I found online, that while the case was ...
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What options does a judge have to control an unruly defendant?

If a defendant is unable or unwilling to control himself (in terms of interrupting procedure), what options does a judge have besides physically gagging or taping the mouth shut? Clarification via ...
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What are the standards for binding pleadings? Staples? Paper clips?

When submitting pleadings to a court, normally there are two pieces: a court-provided cover sheet and the pleading itself. What is the normal way to connect these pieces of paper? (1) staple ...
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Does a defendant in a criminal misdemeanor trial have to show up for announcement?

I noticed that for speeding tickets and class C misdemeanors in our county court in Texas, the court will many times schedule an announcement repeatedly. If a defendant shows up for the announcement ...
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Suing a Cellular Company that Charged Me for Years Without My Knowledge

I am planning to sue a cellular company for charging me (for two phone numbers) for 10 years after a cutoff request. I contacted the company, and they admitted to wrongly charging me but only for one ...
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