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What case can be brought against a former employer for unpaid wages?

In the Philippines, what case can be brought against an employer who has not paid its employees? What kind of case would that be, and would it be with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)?
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Can my employer expend more of my PTO than is necessary to meet 40 hours?

I am an exempt employee. A few weeks ago, I worked worked a lot of hours between Monday and Thursday due to a project deadline. I had already planned to take off the day on Friday and informed my ...
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Does an employer have to compensate travel time to mandatory training in the UK?

If an employer in the UK makes an employee go to mandatory training, does the employer have to compensate the employee for the travel time?
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Can a European bank mandate employees to have a deposit account into which salary is paid

Is this allowed under European law to mandate employees to open a local (i.e. same name) bank deposit account and claim salary will only be paid into that account internally? I suppose it must be ...
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Equity compensation for a foreign worker

Can an employee working from India get equity compensation from the employer who is registered in the USA? The employee does not hold a work visa in the USA and the employer does not have a registered ...
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Volunteer compensation, is it legal?

Is paying to a nonprofit's officer less than the minimal wage legal? Let a CEO of a nonprofit wants to pay to himself from his nonprofit a salary, but profit of the nonprofit is not enough to pay the ...
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Glassdoor Alternative and usage of company data

I have created Glassdoor alternative for specific country, which uses reviews and salaries submitted by users. I know that review is just users opinion on which company can't ask me to delete, but ...
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