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The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders.

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What are the legal implications when sending an invitation letter for somebody applying for the Schengen visa?

Suppose the following hypothetical scenarios: Alice coming to visit Bob, requires a Schengen visa. Alice registered for an international event organised by Bob's Company and needs a Schengen visa. I ...
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Can an expat with the origin from outside of the EU but with a permanent residence in Spain travel and work freely across the Schengen zone?

Can an African expat with granted residence in Spain freely travel and work across the Schengen zone? For example, let us consider the case of my wife. I've resided in Spain as a EU national for the ...
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Can I live in Bulgaria with a residence permit from Spain?

US citizen here. My answer to my own question leads towards "no". No harm in asking. I have means to obtain a residence permit in Spain. Can I then over stay my 90/180 day visa free stay my ...
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Is it illegal to take pictures of the police in public in Germany?

I visited Cologne last year. I was taking a selfie with my phone's inner camera in front of a monument. I was unaware that my phone's outer camera was facing police officers conducting checks. One of ...
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What is the legal basis for a Schengen country embassy to call the hotel to confirm the applicant's reservation?

When applying for a Schengen visa, an applicant is typically required to provide a proof of accommodation. Often it's a screenshot from a hotel aggregator, or an email from a hotel (if booked directly)...
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Legal penalties for fraudulent visa applications in Belgian law

I attempted to search the 1981 decree regulating immigration matters to Belgium to find the legal consequences of a fraudulent visa application, but I was not successful. What are the legal penalties ...
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Can European Union countries make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory?

Malta bans unvaccinated travellers France makes COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for health workers Macron considers "vaccination compulsory for the entire population" These are two countries ...
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What is German police doing at German/Austrian borders? "Border checks" or "border surveillance"?

Let's start with a definition of "border controls" according to Article 2 of EU Regulation 2016/399: ‘border control’ means the activity carried out at a border, in accordance with and for ...
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What happened to border crossing points when border controls have been reintroduced on internal Schengen borders (EU Regulation 2016/399)?

Many Schengen countries reintroduced border controls on internal Schengen border according to Article 25 of EU 2016/399. The procedure how to do it is described in Article 27 of EU 2016/399: Article ...
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Is it legal to have 2 different standards for "checks within the territory" and when an (internal Schengen) border is crossed in Schengen area?

I have noticed that Germany has two different for "checks within the territory" and when an (internal Schengen) border is crossed. For crossing an (internal Schengen) border Germany is ...
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2 answers

Based on which law Germany shall remove illegal third-county citizens on German/Austrian borders?

CJEU C-444/17 says that Article 2(2)a of EU 2008/115/EC does not apply for such removal (CJEU also considers reintroduction of border controls on internal Schengen borders). Article 2 of EU 2008/115/...
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2 answers

Period present in the country from OECD model tax convention

In the model OECD tax convention, which is a base for many European double taxation agreements, article 15. 2a) states a condition under which a person living in country A but working for a company ...
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Legal status of temporary reintroduction of border controls on internal Schengen borders according to Article 25 of EU 2016/399 by Germany

I would like to ask whether you think that reintroduction of border controls on internal Schengen borders according to Article 25 of EU 2016/399 (Schengen Border Code) by Germany is legal. Germany ...
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Schengen Area: What was the legal rationale for countries extending Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control beyond Nov. 2017?

(This is not about the coronavirus pandemic, which I understand is a different issue, but about the six countries that had already been maintaining border controls since related to migration and ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can an EU country close its border (rather than introduce temporary border control)?

Title III chapter II of the Schengen border control code describes the possibility of reintroducing temporary border controls, but I can't find what basis there is to remove the right to free movement ...
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How can tax residency be proven within the EU?

I am aware of tax residency 183 days rule which in theory obliges you to pay taxes to a country where you reside 183 days or more. The thing that I do not get is how can this be applied to EU ...
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Am I able to work in Germany but live in an overseas area of France?

There are a lot of areas which are basically 'France' but are not actually in the country. For example caribean islands etc. (Overseas France) In my job I am not physically bound to any specific ...
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Schengen visa refusal

I am an Indian citizen based in the UK. I intend to make a series of trips to France in the next few months, but firstly, I intend to visit the Netherlands in April. In keeping with the rules in the ...
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Is it legal for Maltese border officer to ask where an EU citizen is coming from?

Long story short: the officer first checked my passport, then asked me where I was coming from. I replied that he had no right to ask such question and that me not answering wouldn't be a valid reason ...
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Visa application refused in Germany

I am from Mauritius and was supposed to take employment in Germany on the 23rd January in Dusseldorf. I was told by my company, who confirmed with the foreign office, that i should not require a visa ...
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