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Legal provisions to delay a repair and buy time to access free legal counsel

An uninsured student cyclist collides with a company van, damaging it. The company owner is minded to allow his insurer to seek damages from the student, but agrees with the student that the student ...
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Can verbal statements and advertising literature be considered in addition to a written contract during dispute?

I was wondering if there is precedent for aspects such as advertising literature and verbal statements being considered in a contract dispute, even if not included in writing? To give a specific ...
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How full/traditional does one's highland dress need to be in order to exempt the carrying of a Sgian Dubh/similar style of knife? (UK)

My work uniform consists of a polo shirt and sweater, but with leg wear of our own choice. So if I was to wear a kilt, sporran, hose and flashes, would that be sufficient to allow me to wear a Sgian ...
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Is (at least) 28 days and a sheriff court order always required to evict a Scottish common law tenant?

The one guaranteed condition is that the tenant does not live with their landlord. Regardless of what the tenancy agreement says, is a court order always required to evict such a common law tenant?
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Rent increase under Scotland's temporary rent cap

I have a private residential tenancy (PRT) agreement and have been renting my apartment for over 12 months. Under a PRT, a landlord can increase the rent no more than once a year and must give a ...
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Whether to enter a Scottish address on a UCAS application to a Scottish course when gaining work experience+eligibility for it in England

If one has resided in Scotland until graduation in Summer 2020 and worked in England since then for the purposes of gaining eligibility to a postgraduate Scottish course, is it permitted to enter one'...
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