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If a user posts illegal content on a service hosted by an entity, who is liable? [duplicate]

Suppose a user posts problematic content on a service hosted by an entity (a hobbyist or a small business). The content is stored in databases provided by the entity. This entity may be storing these ...
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2 answers

how do public vpn service providers avoid being liable for illegal activity of their customers

There are tons of VPN service providers that allow VPN connections for some little amount like 5-15$ per month. Imagine a malicious person using some of these services to hide his cyber-criminal ...
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Is Facebook liable when they fail to remove illegal postings?

There are criminals creating hundreds of Facebook accounts for identity theft and other scams.  Besides the illegality of the scams themselves, most of these masquerade as someone else.  Both actions ...
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Why was Ross Ulbricht guilty of anything?

If I understand correctly, Ross Ulbricht created Silk Road as a general purpose online market site, similar to eBay except using Tor and Bitcoin (neither of which are illegal), and other people used ...
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