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Questions tagged [security]

This tag is for questions about protection of tangible and intangible property. For financial instruments use the [securities] tag instead.

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If i run a VPN service (paid) in the UK, do i by law have to keep logs?

So i want to start my own VPN company. Already have it setup and working etc but i'm based in United Kingdom (my servers are based in US though). Because i am based in the UK, i know that law ...
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Search engine data breaches, osint

Such a search engine that is deliberately created for the purpose of collecting open source information about security related incidents including data breaches and including a link to the source that ...
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Is it legal to covertly record (CCTV) a credit card pin number?

My local Supermarket (one of the top 3 in the UK) has modified its self-service checkout tills to include a CCTV camera about 1.5 meters vertically above the credit card reader pointing straight ...
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Is transporting people into the countryside and leaving them a legal response for private security?

It is reported that three 16-year-olds were found without appropriate authorisation within the camping zone of Reading Festival, UK. Despite police telling festival organisers no further action would ...
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Where in the world is decompilation and reverse engineering for security research legal?

Disclaimer: IANAL, the following is just my research up to now. I understand that in many jurisdictions, reverse engineering - and especially decompilation of software without explicit permission from ...
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What are the rules and laws for guards and loss prevention in NYC during Covid-19 in NYC?

What are the rules and laws for guards and loss prevention in NYC during Covid-19 in NYC? I've read that security guards and loss prevention are not allowed to detain people, essentially false ...
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Is it illegal to refuse to fix a hacked website?

Suppose there's a website or a server that has been hacked. There is no personal data stored anywhere, so there hasn't been a real data breach, because basically there's no valuable data to steal at ...
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