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This tag is for questions about protection of tangible and intangible property. For financial instruments use the [securities] tag instead.

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Can the POTUS be impeached for endangering the security of the state?

Can the President of the United States be impeached for endangering the security of the state? "Endangering the security of the state" defined as leaking or telling sensitive information to other ...
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Amazon account security breach

I have received an email from Amazon reporting a security breach on my account (which I do not believe it is genuine and it happens often because of my dynamic IP). I have requested further details (...
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Legality of secretly micro-chipping coins?

In the UK, we are less than a week away from the new £1 coin coming into circulation, which has been billed as 'the most high-tech coin in the world'. In an effort to reduce counterfeit, they have ...
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Universal 2 factor authentication (U2F) and pleading the fifth amendment

Back in 2013, WIRED stated that using fingerprint authentication on a phone may not prevent authorities (in the US at least) to gain access to one's phone without their agreement, whereas a memorized ...
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Are immigration officers who grant visas to a convicted terrorist guilty of a crime?

I'm not a lawyer or an expert on laws, but from what I know it is the visa officers' first and foremost responsibility to screen applicants/referrals and filter out potentially dangerous ones. They ...
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Landlord responsibility to replace locks after possible break-in

I just received word from my flatmate about a possible break-in. The building is secured by an outermost door, behind which lie doors to our flat and one other. These doors are also kept locked, but ...
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Sue a university for armed robbery

My friend was robbed the other day on university campus at night. He lost his laptop and his mobile phone. So, all of his work is now gone. He is having a mental breakdown at the moment. So, I want ...
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Is it legal for a university to tell police and security to not stop a battery on campus?

There is an evidence video showing how BLM protestors invaded a closed, planned and paid event. The security did nothing to help the speaker who was assaulted and battered. According to newspapers, ...
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Can I use a PCI-DSS compliant image because our payment gateway provider is complaint?

Our company is not compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). But all our payments are only handled by one payment gateway provider who is PCI-DSS compliant. Am I ...
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Can I distribute instructions on how to extract a private key?

I asked this question over on the reverse engineering Stack Exchange but was told to post it here instead, even though I felt the question didn't really fit here. To recap, I'm writing some (open ...
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When can a person be kicked out of private property?

I know the short answer is "whenever". So does this mean if someone paid cover to get in somewhere it would be legal for them to be kicked out the minute they step inside (and didn't do anything)? I ...
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What legislation in the UK or EU requires online services and software companies to care about security of their products?

... And to what extent? E.g. what is the minimum an online service or software vendor are required to do to protect personal data? Let's not talk about PCI-DSS and payments here.
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Is it legal to publish email that someone sent to me?

I'm not asking whether it is ethical - that would be a totally different question. I'm asking whether it is legal? In my book - in my way how I interpret consensual reality - once I press SEND ...