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Legal allowance to use force to protect one's self. May encompass rights to use force to protect one's property or the person or property of others.

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What weapons can I legally carry for self-defence in New York City?

I've been on the receiving end of racist verbal attacks regarding COVID-19. I've already reported this to the police; they advise me not to engage with the offenders. However, I suspect that things ...
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Tear gases/chemical weapons for civillian use?

I was wondering if civilians can legally carry and use a chemical weapon/tear gas in an event where you need to protect yourself. I have found that pepper spray is okay for self defence in the USA, ...
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Legal Baltimore Knives

I recently moved to the Downtown Baltimore, Maryland area and as you may know it's an extremely high crime area that has a lot of homicides. As a result I've been trying to find ways I can defend ...
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Can this be considered to be self-defense under U.S. laws (graphic video)?

The video is graphic. The store owner stabs a robber multiple times when his life wasn't threatened. Can this open him to criminal and civil lawsuits? I don'...
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Physical response to threatening behavior - still self-defense?

Assuming the following scenario: "I" asked a visitor to my home to return an item they had borrowed some time earlier. In response, they got angry and crowded me into a corner, acting very ...
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Did Cliff Booth commit crime by killing Tex and Katie?

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Cliff Booth defends himself and his friends from intruders Tex, Sadie and Katie (the Manson Family killers). First, Tex fails to shoot Cliff as Cliff's dog takes Tex ...
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Where Can I Find Weapon Definitions as Refereed To In NY Penal Code?

In NY penal code section 265.01 it states: A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree when: (1) He or she possesses any firearm, electronic dart gun, ...
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Am I allowed to threaten to detonate a bomb when a group of people are illegally threatening my life in public?

You are eating in a public restaurant. A group of people suddenly take out their guns and point them at you. You have a gun on you but you don't want to use it because you are afraid of getting shot ...
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