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Is a person serving a property owner with notice of a lawsuit excempt from trespassing charges?

If John sues Bob, and he walks past Bob's "POSTED - NO TRESPASSING" sign up to his door to serve him notice of the lawsuit, Bob says "Get off my property!" before realizing why ...
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What is the "date of service" of a UK fixed penalty notice?

A cousin just asked my thoughts on a letter he received about an alleged speeding offence. The letter was the standard UK one that is sent out after a speed camera detection, and is fairly simple, so ...
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What jurisdictions allow civil claims to be served over social media?

Another answer vaguely mentions that "some jurisdictions" even allow process service over social media. This is interesting. What jurisdictions does this include?
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Any obligation to disclose one's name and address to private parties for service of civil claims after a street altercation?

Suppose A is walking down the street and B punches A in the nose, thus committing assault. Legally, A is entitled to claim civil damages against B, and can practically do so if they know A's name and ...
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