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What is the legal status of shoplifting in San Francisco?

Shoplifting in San Francisco is quite controversially treated quite leniently as it seems. Perhaps one might go so far as to even call it (either in effect or actually) “decriminalised”. It seems that ...
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Merchandise damaged prior to purchase

Imagine one is browsing items in the aisles of a grocery store and drops one of them accidentally on the floor so it breaks. Must any grocery store would generally write it off and tell a customer not ...
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I bought a bottle of spirits with the security tag intact. Have I committed theft?

I bought a bottle of spirits from a local supermarket, when I got home I noticed the BottleLox anti-theft cap hadn't been removed. I paid for my shopping (including the bottle!) at a self-service till,...
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What is the threshold of suspicion for retail loss prevention to subject shoppers to various impositions

Meet Bob. Bob purchased something and elects not to print/collect a receipt from the self checkout till. The security then accosts him suspecting him of not paying for it and he insists that he did, ...
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