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Band from a supermarket for 6months which terms into 12months and another 12months what can I do to stop this [closed]

I was band from a supermarket for first it was not letting a worker check my bag of the property and then it was shoplifting and then it was trying to assault the management and then it was ...
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Merchandise damaged prior to purchase

Imagine one is browsing items in the aisles of a grocery store and drops one of them accidentally on the floor so it breaks. Must any grocery store would generally write it off and tell a customer not ...
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I bought a bottle of spirits with the security tag intact. Have I committed theft?

I bought a bottle of spirits from a local supermarket, when I got home I noticed the BottleLox anti-theft cap hadn't been removed. I paid for my shopping (including the bottle!) at a self-service till,...
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What is the threshold of suspicion for retail loss prevention to subject shoppers to various impositions

Meet Bob. Bob purchased something and elects not to print/collect a receipt from the self checkout till. The security then accosts him suspecting him of not paying for it and he insists that he did, ...