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Small Claims Court rules and procedures. Where they exist, Small Claims Courts typically only have jurisdiction over minor civil matters – e.g., claims under $25,000.

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Is the Defendant Legally Entitled to an Itemization of the Damages they Are Being Sued For?

I live in California and am being sued by someone in Small Claims court who moved into my apartment for about two months with the intention of becoming a formal 'roommate' but, ultimately, had to ...
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In a three-party exchange, can one plaintiff represent both plaintiffs against a defendant, in small claims court?

As a follow-up to, suppose there's a high chance that a court would accept that it was NOT ...
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Can a civil action started under Ontario's Simplified Procedure be moved to Small Claims Court?

Under Ontario law, is it possible for a plaintiff bringing a wrongful dismissal civil action to change venues some time after pleadings have been filed, but before the action has been set down for ...
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Is there an equivalent of small claims court in Switzerland (Basel canton)?

I'm in Switzerland, and I'm involved in a dispute over about 300 Swiss francs. I can anticipate needing to take it to court. In the US, there exists "small claims court" where, instead of ...
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What are legal ways to get a persons address (Person living in Ireland, I'm living in The Netherlands)?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I filed for a European small claims procedure but the only address I had of that person, seems invalid. The people at the address in question claim they ...
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How much to sue for something intangible not being met

In BC there is a right to Quiet Enjoyment which is at least partly the responsibility of the landlord. If a tenant was forced to move out due to Quiet Enjoyment not being fulfilled, how much would ...
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In California, what claims may not state a dollar amount in a complaint or in its prayer?

Punitive damages may not be claimed as an exact dollar figure in a complaint or in the prayer since the middle '80's in California, and must be left to the jury. What other claims cannot be claimed as ...
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If I pay a disputed amount to my landlord, can I later sue in Small Claims Court?

California Small Claims/Landlord question: My landlord has withheld my security deposit upon move out, and claims I owe additional charges for cleaning the apartment. I've disputed these and plan to ...
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How do I know which District Court in my area to go to?

I see this list of district courts for my county: How do I know which one to go to? Can I just go to the closest one, or do I ...
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Who to make out of court settlement offer to in case of not at fault car accident?

Suppose Alice was involved in a car accident, the other party admitted full responsibility and the facts supported such an interpretation. She would like to claim the value of the car from the other ...
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Moneyless Winner wins at Small Claims Court. Loaded Loser appeals, but how can Winner protect against any adverse cost?

After commencing lawsuit at a forum where he could afford any adverse costs†, Impoverished Winner won. But the moneyed Loser can afford, and appeals to, a court that can award costs. Winner doesn't ...
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Expediting refund from a store which takes time to process it

A small online store selling physical goods has failed to ship a purchased item within estimated timeframe and has agreed to refund (under $2,000). However, it is now taking time to process the refund,...
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What are the legal requirements for landlord/tenant walkthrough inspections at the end of a rental agreement in Missouri

I have a question about the tenant/landlord agreement laws in Missouri. This is going to be a long read, so I apologize in advance. I rented a home for a few years from a small rental company in ...
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Do I have recourse against Air France if they refuse to refund/compensate after wrongful boarding denial?

I believe I was unfairly denied boarding by Air France and they are refusing to refund my ticket and compensate me for the incurred costs of missing the flight (e.g. missing my connecting flight, ...
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Damage caused by pigeons who is liable

I own a flat in the UK and I have a problem with pigeons living under the the decking of my balcony. The balcony is within my demised property (as the leasholder), but the drainage pipe that the ...
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Max amount pay in small claims court when sued for $500?

I am being taken to small claims court in Utah for $500. If I was to lose what is the worst case situation? It sounds like I might have to pay the $100 filling fee. Is that true? Would I have to also ...
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Suing a Cellular Company that Charged Me for Years Without My Knowledge

I am planning to sue a cellular company for charging me (for two phone numbers) for 10 years after a cutoff request. I contacted the company, and they admitted to wrongly charging me but only for one ...
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Company is being shady about giving me a refund

I bought a product for ~1800 dollars. Their company states that as long as the product hasn't shipped, I can get a full refund. They also say they have a 14 day money back guarantee even after the ...
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