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What was the basis/reasoning for Pennsylvania's Supreme Court decision to declare the state old-age assistance program unconstitutional in the 1920s?

I read that From 1918 to 1927 [Abe] Epstein served as research director of the Pennyslvania Commission on Old Age Pensions. In that capacity, he was instrumental in having the State adopt an old-age ...
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Pension rights post Brexit

In the EU, if you worked in another member state for a period of time, that period will add to the minimum amount of time you need to work to be able to claim pension from another member state (with ...
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How do you find out what a dead relative's social security number was?

I feel somewhat self-conscious about asking this question, since scam-artists are often interested obtaining social security numbers. However, my mother died. I am unable to get a death certificate ...
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I don't know if I have an SSN but applied for a passport anyways

I was born in the U.S. to non-american parents. We moved out of the country a year later and never returned to the U.S. About 20 years later, I applied for a new passport from the consulate in my ...
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Is there any truth in that social security was based on models of either railroad worker or maritime insurance schemes? [closed]

A common law citizen trope which is no doubt in the final analysis completely bogus is that social security was modelled after mandated insurance for ships. David Siegel in another question suggested ...
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I have an expired passport, and I'm missing my NJ state ID and social security card

Recently I've been getting my life together and I have been trying to obtain the 3 items listed above and this is my situation: Passport: Needs state ID State ID: Needs unexpired passport or social ...
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Does the state of Colorado require two signatures on application to disclose information to the social security administration (SSA)?

I was looking at a form SSE-827-F3 (03-2020) Form form SSE-827-F3 states that a "parent, guardian, or personal representative must sign the form if two signatures are required by State law"....
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Book Revenues/Royalties That are Exempt from the Social Security Tax

Consider the following three was of publishing a book in the United States: (1) Find a publisher that will publish your manuscript. (2) Form an LLC and publish the book under that title. (3) Upload ...
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Can a social security card be used/required as identification?

A FINRA-regulated institution is restricting my account on suspicion of identity theft and requiring that I give them a copy of my social security card which I of course don't have because what use ...
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What happens to a person's social security account if they die and have no survivors?

What law determines where the money goes? Where would it go if there were no survivors to pay the benefit to?
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Does a NY divorce court have jurisdiction to rule on an action that involves the use of Supplemental Security Income funds?

An over 21 mentally challenged person who was certified to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) at the age of 18 elects a "Payee" who happens to be a parent. For several years the ...
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What kinds of injuries are covered by Social Security?

I am injured (by sports injury) but was called schizophrenic. I am a bartender, otherwise I will not take fraud as income. For this I looked into the 2018 National Beneficiary Survey (next one ...
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Hiring senior family members to get them free medicare [closed]

I've heard of family friends putting their senior parents (who are too old to work in any meaningful way) on the payroll of a business owned by a family member. The parent stays on the payroll getting ...
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