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Questions related to businesses with a single owner.

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If I buy a domain, do I need to create an LLC?

So, I want to create a name and buy a domain for a website to use currently. However, in the future I would like it to be a business so that way I can self-publish. Do I need to create an LLC if I ...
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US: Do I need to include my true, legal name on the website's TOS named after DBA?

I know that on contracts, it's best to sign as Legal Name of Owner, DBA Company Name, but does that need to show up in any of the company's website's Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, or TOS? For reference, ...
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Sole Proprietorship and Dormant Limited Company in UK

I am currently operating as a Sole proprietor, while at the same time 'reserving' the name for a possible future Limited company. For the latter I have declared that name as being 'Dormant', in other ...
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Can sole traders retain earnings to the next tax year without paying income tax in Ireland?

Let's say you start a sole trader business in Ireland (year 2022) and you invest €0 into the business. It goes well and you make €1,000,000 within the first year. You decide to expand your business ...
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What legal remedy available for Proprietor firm an accused to deal with138 of NI act Dishonor of cheque

A proprietor firm "ABC Traders" continuously do's the business with a Private Limited Company. The "ABC Traders" gets credit upto 70 Lakh from the said Private Limited Company. ...
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Is copyright automatically transmitted to the sole proprietorship company in Denmark?

When I register a sole proprietorship in Denmark and then as the sole proprietor sign a contract for providing software development services for business partner and in this contract it's written that ...
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Is sole proprietorship an option for online education app business?

I don't have much idea about business and legal stuffs. If a person wants to start his/her own online teaching business through his/her own app in the app store that involves real money transactions, ...
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