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Could the act of emailing publicly available information be deemed illegal?

Andy and Mary are friends. Andy discovers that Mary is secretly working as an escort. Nobody knows about this activity beyond Andy. He tries to convince her that escorting is harmful and will have a ...
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Onlyfans account leaked to my family [duplicate]

I have an OnlyFans account which for obvious reasons I kept secret from everyone. But somehow someone has leaked its content (perhaps a friend or an ex-partner who wanted to take a revenge on me). He/...
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1 answer

The reasonableness in UK stalking laws

Deos the behaviour have to be unreasonable or does the behaviour have to cause distress in a reasonable person? These seem to be non-identical points, as I can point to instances where unreasonable ...
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What law could Jack Sweeney have broken in automatically posting public flight information? [duplicate]

It is currently in the news that Taylor Swift is threatening Jack Sweeney with legal action over his use of publicly available data to track the take-offs and landings of planes belonging to the ...
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Is one allowed to get someone's genetic information and use it without explicit permission?

Inspired by the movie Gattaca, and how sites like actively help find criminals who haven't submitted their DNA simply by using relatives who have willingly submitted their DNA. Say that ...
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Can stalking be charged for a one time threat in Victoria (Australia)

My friend has been charged with Stalking under section 21A of the Crimes Act 1958. The charge is The accused engaged in a course of conduct, giving offensive material to the victim or any other ...
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What legal actions can I take to prevent my abusive parents from stalking and harassing my family?

My parents were abusive when I was a child. I took legal action at age 11 and put an end the physical abuse. I moved out at age 15 and am now 20. My parents have not stopped trying to contact me. I ...
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Cyberstalking and online harassment in UK law?

This is a hypothetical question. Imagine two estranged brothers hadn't seen each other in 20 years, but Bob kept a YouTube channel on behalf of some random organisation. Let's say John regularly ...
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Gaslighting ; criminal or civil

Gaslighting can be extremely damaging. Like Gang-Stalking, it is near impossible to prove it executed correctly. How can gaslighting be prosecuted as a crime?
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Is it legal to throw small objects (eg. candy, paper clips) at someone

Is it legal to throw mall objects (eg. candy, paper clips) at someone periodically throughout the day for multiple weeks. I know this may strange, but I follow this person around and throw small ...
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