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How many separate judicial systems are there in the United States?

At minute 17:30 of this video the lecturer claims there are 51 separate court systems. But I count at least 52: 50 states, the federal system, and ...
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Can federal courts overturn state court decisions on matters of state law?

If a state court rules, for example, that a particular state law is unconstitutional under the state constitution, can this decision be overturned by a federal court?
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Can I sue a ADA for filing a false criminal complaint in WI [duplicate]

The Assistant District Attorney (ADA) filed a false criminal complaint by referring to someone else's crime and representing it as mine to the courts in Wisconsin. Can I sue the ADA for that conduct?
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Do Federal courts have the authority to dismiss charges brought in a Georgia Court?

News Headlines indicate: Mark Meadows asks federal court for Georgia charges to be dismissed Under what statute do Federal courts have the authority to intervene in a state (Georgia) trial? Any ...
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