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Legal validity of the statement: "advise us of any incorrect entries within 30 (thirty) days"

It is standard practice of many financial service providers, in South Africa, at least to state on the bottom of their statement, something along the lines of: Kindly check your statement and advise ...
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If a witness claims his signature was taken on blank paper and then statements were written would that become null and void?

This is in relation to the Aryan Khan's Case in which one of the witness claims his signature was taken on a blank paper and he was not aware of what was going to be written on it. He signed it ...
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Defamation - False statement involving HER

Bob and Rob have an argument and end up fighting. Bob was acting in self-defense but got convicted of assaulting Rob. The newspaper released the following false statement. “Bob, aged 00 and of Road, ...
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Is it illegal to lie about alcohol consumption at a ride check program? (Canada)

Suppose I have a drink, then drive home after an hour. If I get stopped at a police ride check, I usually say I have not consumed any alcohol, because I don't want to take a breathalyzer test or risk ...
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What are the legal implications for denying you are Satoshi Nakamoto?

The creator of Bitcoin chose to hide in the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. For years there had been a lot of interest, debate, and research on the true identity of Satoshi. The most-probable candidates ...
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Consequences of contradicting one's sworn testimony in separate cases?

If a person makes a statement to police and 2 years later in a courtroom, under oath but not the same case, they make a statement that directly contradicts their witness statement does the defense ...
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Indemnity to help in another's defense? What does that mean?

I am reading through legal materials, and I came across this line: "We reserve the right to exclusive control over the defense of a claim covered by this clause. If we use this right, you will help ...
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Can a sworn declaration be notarized?

Say someone concocts a sworn declaration regarding income, and expects to use this as a means of either proving income to a seller/service, etc. Can the sworn declaration be notarized to make it valid?...
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Under Irish law can the Gardaí give a person's statement to a 3rd party government department?

I have an Irish law question. I have tried to get a few solicitors to answer it but they seem unable to give me a concrete answer. I'm hoping someone on here can help or point me in the right ...
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If you sign a signature pad, without seeing what it's for, is it binding?

You sign something on a signature pad, and only after you've signed it, receive the printed statement with the full statement which you've supposedly acknowledged prior to signing, but have never ...
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