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Probability In Legal Cases - Evidence vs Information

While reading Probability and Statistics books related to Legal cases, I came across usages of two terms - Evidence and Information - that are a bit confusing to me. Specifically, while solving a ...
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How many times had Trump been arraigned before his presidency?

News articles today (such as this one) have been saying that the former president Trump has only been indicted and arraigned twice (4 April 2023 at the Manhattan state court of New York, and 13 June ...
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What is the most memorized law? [closed]

Which codified law, excluding religious commands, has been memorized word-for-word by the most people? The only ones I have memorized are Constitutional amendments. "Congress shall make no law ...
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Where can I go to find data on how many people were charged / convicted under a particular statute?

If I have a specific Federal Code and I want to find a rough estimate of (1) how many people were charged with breaking that specific law, and (2) how many people were convicted under that specific ...
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How does representing oneself affect one's chance of winning a lawsuit?

Statistically, how much less likely is a pro se litigant in "regular" court (i.e. not arbitration or small claims court) to win against a litigant with a lawyer than another litigant with a ...
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Does "statistically significant" have a specific legal meaning?

I occasionally write expert opinions as a statistician or econometrician for legal cases in the United States. On a few different cases, I have been hired to determine whether a given sample should be ...
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How many times is the average person sued in a lifetime?

What is the median number of times that an American will be sued personally (in regular court or small claims court, but not in arbitration) by a non-government entity in a lifetime? Statistically, ...
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