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Where can I go to find data on how many people were charged / convicted under a particular statute?

If I have a specific Federal Code and I want to find a rough estimate of (1) how many people were charged with breaking that specific law, and (2) how many people were convicted under that specific ...
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How does representing oneself affect one's chance of winning a lawsuit?

Statistically, how much less likely is a pro se litigant in "regular" court (i.e. not arbitration or small claims court) to win against a litigant with a lawyer than another litigant with a ...
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31 votes
7 answers

Does "statistically significant" have a specific legal meaning?

I occasionally write expert opinions as a statistician or econometrician for legal cases in the United States. On a few different cases, I have been hired to determine whether a given sample should be ...
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How many times is the average person sued in a lifetime?

What is the median number of times that an American will be sued personally (in regular court or small claims court, but not in arbitration) by a non-government entity in a lifetime? Statistically, ...
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