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Compulsory or Statutory Licensing of intellectual property otherwise protected by copyright, patent, or other law.

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How does statutory licensing under 17 USC Chapter 1 work?

In the U.S. there is a peculiar legal framework of "compulsory statutory licensing" that applies only to commercially published "non-dramatic musical" works and audio recordings. ...
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Copyright compliance for music used in a TV show

How do shows recorded and syndicated for replay on television (and comparable media) comply with the copyright of a music they play but do not own?
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How are royalties handled for modern orchestral music?

I'm curious how royalties are handled for orchestral compositions (e.g. symphonies, concerti, quartets, etc.) in modern times (20th Century and later). For example, Dmitri Shostakovich's compositions ...
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Music Royalties

I am currently in the process of creating an online radio. We are almost done and ready to kick off. The radio is based on artists coming to us and sending/uploading their songs for them to be played ...
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Performing music in public

I am a musician. I want to perform music. How do I do this without being sued into oblivion? I am particularly interested in UK law. As I understand it, a specific sound recording (of anything) is ...
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How to obtain a sync license for posting a cover version online?

SoundCloud states: You'll still need permission from the original copyright holders of a song before you can post your cover on SoundCloud, even if you provided the vocals and played all the ...
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