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Is it legal for landlord to prohibit subleasing, under Texas law?

It's quite common that plans change, and a residential lease must be broken. Of course, since one has agreed to pay the full price of the lease, they're on the hook for it, unless they can find ...
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Gave 30 days notice of intent to vacate, roommate who subleases to me says I owe rent for each day the room is vacant

Location: San Francisco, CA Terms of my sublease: 3 months followed by month-to-month which may be terminated by either party after giving 30 days written notice. I entered the month-to-month period ...
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4 votes
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Assignment and subletting of leasehold in UK

I am planning on buying a worn down property that has 4 big rooms to fix it up, and then rent out 2 out of 4 rooms - room by room. I would live with my family in the other two (at least for the ...
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Can you re-assign TAA lease without being liable for damages?

Texas Apartment Association (TAA) apartment lease contract has the following: 30. REPLACEMENTS AND SUBLETTING. Replacing a resident, subletting, or assignment is allowed only when we consent ...
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