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Motion For Summary Judgement

Is there a typical length to hear back on the Motion for Summary Judgement? It seems the matter has been submitted close to a month prior and there has been no update to the docket. Is it standard to ...
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How are motions for summary judgment opposed?

I have been reading up on summary judgment as applied to Minnesota civil trials. While I believe I have a reasonable handle on how and when to file a motion of summary judgment, one thing that is ...
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German Strafbefehl for Swiss Resident

M F Whitaker asked [a question] (appealing a penalty notice) which has since been closed because it asked for legal advice in a specific case. I believe that there are two questions of general ...
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Under what circumstances is summary judgment or an expedited trial granted?

From what I understand, a summary judgment is granted by a judge if the facts are not in dispute. So what is the threshold for this? Example: A hits B, and B sues for assault and battery. During the ...
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Genuine Issue and Summary Judgment

At the outset of case ( Teevee Toons, Inc. v. Gerhard Schubert GMBH, 2002 W.L. 498627 (2002). ), I read genuine issue and summary judgment. I know that summary judgment is judging without full trial ...