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Questions tagged [surveillance]

Questions concerning the covert or overt observing and monitoring of someone's activities and behaviours by government agencies, law enforcement, employers, private investigators or members of the public for the purpose of gathering information about them or their associates.

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Is it legal to hide a recording device in a public place to collect evidence if an item is stolen?

Is it legal to hide an inexpensive smartphone or other recording device in a public place in order to obtain evidence if an item such as a bicycle is stolen?
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Which countries guarantee right to anonymous communication? Have there been court cases validating the right?

I know many countries still have burner phones - i.e phones or SIM Cards which aren't tied to any identifiable person? Are there countries which guarantee right to anonymous communication? Are there ...
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Are surveillance laws in EU member states necessary and proportionate? [closed]

On the 10th of July the EU Commission adopted a new adequacy decision, as a successor to the failed Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield agreements, to allow data transfers from the EU to the USA. The two ...
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Can a breach of privacy occur when surveilling a public space through which 3rd parties have no choice but to pass?

In an article on doorbell cameras, it is noted that a breach of privacy was deemed to have occurred through the use of a video doorbell that recorded a neighbour "every time she entered or exited ...
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What laws govern the installation, monitoring etc of CCTV in a Californian business premises open to the public?

Let's say the owner of a coffee shop in California would like to add some surveillance cameras inside the shop, and one or two around the font and back door. What laws, regulations and ordinances are ...
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How far can cooperation between law enforcement and intelligence agencies go? This is a report explaining that DEA was aided by NSA's surveillance system at the time they were persecuting a ...
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2 answers

Legalities of checking someone's digital footprint

Where is the boundary between checking someone's digital footprint, and stalking? More specifically here is the hypothetical scenario. My name is A. My friend 's name is B. B goes to a bar in country ...
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Are non-contact visitations at max-security federal prisons sometimes supervised? (US)

Not sure if this answer as posed in the title is sufficiently about law to be on-topic. If so, my question defers to the more legal alternative: Is it legal for a federal prison to supervise the non-...
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What are the legal implications of Josh Pieters & Archie Manners's "gag" against Piers Corbyn?

See this video. Two YouTubers disliked piers Corbyn political agenda, so they contacted him to express their bad faith interest in donating financially to the ...
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What is the case law on the admissibility of warrantless drone footage in court?

There's some government agencies that are using drones to gather footage of places not usually viewable by naked eye by people at ground level. These agencies' reasoning is that if a person lawfully ...
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Is apple airtag tracking illegal?

Apple make a device called an airtag that allows one to remotely monitor the location of the device. This has been used to track people, sometimes without their knowledge or consent. If this was done ...
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Can a covert recording be used as evidence in UK civil court?

I have a court case against my landlord for disrepair. At the end of last year I had enough of waiting for him to respond to all the issues we have in the property, and I've sent him a letter of claim....
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Is the local police required to notify suspects of online surveillance in the state of Nevada?

Can the local police execute or facilitate online surveillance, or cell data surveillance, without notifying the subject in the state of Nevada?
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How high is the bar for a full-blown surveillance?

Consider a scenario involving a full-blown surveillance: email monitoring, cellphone monitoring, online activity monitoring, credit card monitoring, bank account monitoring, and also, 24x7, door-step, ...
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