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Is it legal to keep or make a digital copy of a physical book I bought?

If we assume the book is copyrighted or a specific book that is not free of charge, it is commercial, can I make or download a digital copy of a book that I bought? I didn't buy the copyright and we ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Is this Intellectual Property clause over-reaching?

Here's an extract from my (employee) contract All rights to any material and results, and all intellectual property rights related thereto, made, written, designed or produced by Nathan Cooper ...
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3 answers

What is the priority of potential extraditions in Assange case?

Julian Assange has been arrested by the Metropolitan police for jumping bail and also pertaining to an extradition request from the US. Also the lawyer for one of the alleged victims of sexual ...
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Is it legal to film and record in public areas in Sweden?

The title says it all: Is it legal to film and record anything in public areas in Sweden (e.g. using a mobile phone)? Starting from roads/trees/object to people and especially the police (e.g. in a ...
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