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Are giveaways to paying subscribers legal if the "winners" are chosen by random drawing in the US?

A content creator has paying subs. They want to induce the subs to continue their paid subscription so he wants to run a giveaway (only to his paying subscribers) as a reward for loyalty. They will ...
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Can A Sweepstakes Promotion Not Have A Winner?

There is already a similar question on this platform and it covers "Running any game of chance with no intent of showing or awarding winner has legal consequences called fraud, at very least. It'...
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How Would A Sweepstakes Sponsoring Company Avoid Paying Taxes on Sweepstakes Entries and Winnings?

Lets say I were to host a service that allows for businesses to use me to handle their sweepstakes promotions. I would handle paid entries, alternate entry methods, use a third party to pick winners, ...
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Is it illegal to have an app that allows 2 friends to “bet” on a sporting event if money is not involved?

Would it be legal in the US to have an app that allows 2 friends to “bet” on a sporting event if there is no exchange of money? Instead, the users would simply accumulate points if they win the bet? ...
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How does one prove that a sweepstakes winner was chosen randomly?

From here, it states: If you are running a sweepstake, you absolutely must choose your winner randomly. Additionally, these people are ineligible to enter: your family, anyone who lives at your ...
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Can a company legally require a proof of purchase for a prize-based sweepstakes?

The company Gefen is running a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed contest ( In the rules they state clearly that although you can theoretically win without a purchase by ...
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Sweepstakes without winner?

I have seen multiple examples of sweepstakes run in the US, where entrants have to do something to enter the sweepstakes and the sponsor gets some benefit (e.g. long mailing list, etc.), with Official ...
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Can Sweepstakes Require a Survey to Enter?

In the USA, can sweepstakes require that users fill out a survey to enter? I understand that users obviously cannot be made to pay to enter but the concept of a mandatory survey seems less clear. Is ...
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Contests and Promotions: Is a ticket to a convention where a contest is held "consideration"?

Various game shows and other contests have a rules clause like this within their official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROMOTION. PURCHASE OF A TICKET WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR ...
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Why exclude 13 world countries from international sweepstakes or giveaways?

Why are 13 countries excluded from various contests, giveaways, sweepstakes run by many different types of organizations on the Web? These countries are: Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria,...
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