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Could my son get in legal trouble for a poor taste joke he made on social media?

My son is 16 and runs a meme page on Instagram. A couple of hours ago, he posted a photograph of Lord Mountbatten with the caption "hey British people, the IRA made Lord Mountbatten go boom, how ...
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Are the any limits on what historical terrorist acts can result in criminal charges if glorified?

Jonathan Hall KC, the government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation has acknowledged that historical events such as apartheid actions of Nelson Mandela and the revolutionary battles of ...
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Is it a breach of the PSED for the Secretary of State to declare Hamas but not the IDF or Likud a proscribed terrorist organisation? [closed]

The equality act places an equality duty on the public sector. The Secretary of State is charged with the task of designating certain organisations as proscribed under the terrorism act. Does taking ...
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Restriction of freedom of expression in the case of sympathy for terrorist organisations

There is a number of organisations which are listed by the US government as terrorist organisations - Wikipedia What are the legal implications of this in relation to the 1st Amendment? If, for ...
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Is President Putin a terrorist according to the definitions used in international law and treaties?

Is there a international law that decides who is a terrorist, and based on the acts committed in Ukraine, can Vladimir Putin be judged as a terrorist?
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What sentences could be imposed on a terrorist (caught alive)?

If a terrorist is caught alive, what sentence would the United States Supreme Court impose? What about the highest court in the Russian Federation? Is it death by hanging, life imprisonment, or ...
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Why are Russian combatants in Ukraine considered soldiers rather than terrorists?

The question bothers me since February 2022. Why (legally) are Russian combatants in Ukraine considered soldiers (thus POWs when captured) rather than terrorists? There is no formal declaration of ...
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Is it correct to ban me from a concert without providing necessary proof that I was engaged in harmful or threatening behaviour?

I received following email by a venue in London: "Hi there We are getting in touch as we are afraid we have had to refund your ticket for the event tonight. One of the artists performing has ...
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What can an Air company do if they get constant, but false alarm threats?

In past week or two, there has been 3 flights from Belgrade (Serbia), to Moscow, who got anonymously tipped via Email, that there is a bomb planted on that aircraft. Every plane immediately made a ...
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Can big data accumalators be guilty of defamation/libel/slander?

It is currently in the news that there are accusations that the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) has been used to target individuals. As I understand it third parties, Only Fans in ...
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Is it legal for non-US citizens (or lawful permanent residents) to volunteer to US non-profits from their country?

There is a reading service for the visually impaired (part of an 501(c)(3) non-profit, that also provides medical services) that accepts recordings from volunteers who read remotely. Thus state/...
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Why is it so hard to try Khalid Sheikh Muhammad?

Trials of major terrorists happen quite often in Europe, but in America, it has taken 2 decades since 9/11 for the trial of the confessed mastermind to even start in military court. (This is longer ...
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Legality of Auctioning International Criminals/Terrorists?

Wild hair brain thought here that I'm not finding much on. So the idea is this: there are international bounties for heinous individuals that multiple people may have an interest in capturing, be they ...
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Is it possible to be in violation of 18 USC 2339 accidentally?

During its military operation to reduce Hamas' military capabilities, Israeli airforce destroyed an office complex in Gaza. Israel has claimed that it had absolutely certain information that Hamas' ...
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Foreign Fighter Classification \ Jurisdiction

Two British nationals are alleged to have executed Americans under the guise of ISIL and are in American military custody. Assume that the suspects remain in American custody and are not transferred ...
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