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A formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.

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How is a judge to evaluate a witness's credibility?

How is a judge to evaluate a witness's credibility?
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What remedies can a witness use to satisfy the "all the truth" portion of their oath?

Hypothetical: A witness took an oath to tell the whole truth. The adversarial cross-examiner abruptly cuts off the witness's testimony in the middle of a statement, leaving the train of thought ...
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What's stopping someone from saying "I don't remember"?

There are (at least) two problems possibly stemming from a person testifying in court: If they tell the truth, the testimony may have negative consequences they potentially don't like (which is the ...
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Are leading-witness rules applied equally to prosecution and defence?

Preamble I'm a scientist, not a lawyer, so please excuse this if it's obvious. Background In watching the Chauvin trial, I've noticed that the defence lawyer tends to ask questions by stating the ...
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Calling a judge as a witness in a case that the judge is presiding over?

I want to pose a question on the limits of a defendant's right to call people to testify at trial. Let's assume that a judge is conducting a trial (the sort of trial is irrelevant - it could be ...
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What protection against a perjury prosecution does a hostile witness have?

Smith is subpoenaed as a witness for the defense in a criminal case. The prosecution is allowed to treat the witness as hostile, and Smith is directed to limit his responses to yes and no. Assume that ...
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