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For questions about criminal deprivation of property as well as property torts

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What could I be charged with if I went around uprooting "<X> for public office" signs?

This is not something I'm actually doing or thinking about doing; I'm just curious about this slightly absurd hypothetical scenario. Suppose that I get really mad at those signs people stick in their ...
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Spouse hiding money

Can a lawyer request payslips from an employer? I am separated and my spouse is hiding money in a separate account in an attempt to pay less maintenance. Any advice? My location is South Africa. ...
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Cybercrime use of cryptocurrency and stolen goods laws

I've been wondering if this line of reasoning has been tried anywhere in the world, successfully or unsuccessfully. It seems improbable that I'm the first to think of it ... A cryptocurrency is a bit ...
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Is store liable for "abandoning" my laptop left for repair?

I dropped off my MacBook Pro for repair at the local Apple Store, letting them know I wouldn't be in town for another 3 months-ish. After a month, they started contacting me via email and phone to ...
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Does a cafe proprietor have a duty to look after an item of lost property?

This involves the UK. I went to the park with my grandson and his friend to play football. We had quite an expensive, high quality size 4 football. After playing around for a while we went to the park ...
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Are flash loan attacks legal?

A new form of "money making activity" has emerged in recent years, the flash loan attack. In very rough terms, a loan of some cryptocurrency is taken out, the cryptocurrency is used in some ...
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Is a BFP’s title defect a bar from transfer — theft, larceny and conversion?

This is a follow-up question on a question mini series — please see them at the bottom. In the previous episode, Joe, a BFP, purchased a Buick from Fred where converted the Buick from Sally on false ...
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Is it illegal to take a bicycle (or parts from one) that the local authorities have determined is abandoned property?

I work on a University campus. Adjacent to my building is a bicycle rack, to which several bikes have been locked since the start of the academic year (end of August). It's clear that these bikes have ...
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What are the legal risks in removing other people's baggage from a conveyor in baggage reclaim?

I originally asked this on Travel.SE, but didn't get any useful answers. So I thought I'd ask about the legal aspects here. For further details on why I was doing it, see the Travel.SE question. When ...
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What will I be charged with in Manhattan, New York?

I conspired with Daisy to steal a NYSE work badge/access card from Sanjay and Daisy replaces his badge with a fake one. I impersonate Sanjay (make my appearance like his) and sneak into the NYSE with ...
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When is it theft to take trash from a bin?

From reading an existing question, it can be illegal to take belongings left in the street, depending on the area of the world you are referring to. So let me present a specific scenario, in the UK, ...
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What can i do when a ex friend steals my Apple Watch from my home

I used to have a friend and this “friend” stole my apple watch from my house the day before i was going to sell it. I have seached my whole house and have not found it im pretty sure its him because ...
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