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Should police be called if threatened after basketball game? [closed]

In our adult basketball league game, one of our players got tangled up with the opponent during a rebound. The opposing player took issue with this and punched him. It then got broken up but the ...
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Is it illegal to threaten harm to yourself?

If Bob goes up to Alice with a knife and threatens to cut her, obviously that's illegal. But what if Bob points the knife at himself, and threatens to hurt/kill himself? Assuming he's subdued before ...
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Is a future threat a defense for murder?

Consider this scenario: you and a known enemy, with which you have had violent altercations in the past, have been in a fight and you have been badly wounded. The enemy tells you that once he leaves ...
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What crimes can be defended claiming duress?

I understand most crimes can be defended by claiming duress. I know that excludes the murder of an innocent person, but what other crimes cannot be fully defended using duress? Also, if someone did ...
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What kind of lawyer should I contact after not receiving the service which I paid for?

I went to a courier company to pick up my package and not only was my package not released (in spite of me having all the legal documents) when I pressed for an explanation I was asked to leave the ...
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Would a political poster implying that a politician will be killed by angry citizens constitute a legally-actionable threat under U.S. law?

In the U.S., freedom of speech does not extend to serious threats to cause harm to another. Don and Ron are two reactionary politicians. One election season, John, who hates reactionaries with a ...
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Is a conditional threat still a true threat?

In the US, can attaching a condition to a threat have any bearing on whether it's a true threat or not? In other words, is there are difference between the following threats, in terms of criminal law: ...
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What would be considered as a true threat?

What is considered to be as a true threat? Let's say that there is a person who said to someone else "You deserve to die... Watch your back, I'm coming for you." which becomes an issue in court. On ...
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