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Questions tagged [time-periods]

Use this tag for questions about how time and the passage of time are treated in law, including exactly when time periods defined in statute or contract begin or end and the differences (if any) between potentially similar time periods. For example, if a statute requires an action to be performed "within a day" of an event, this tag would be appropriate for a question on whether that means by midnight of tomorrow or before the passage of 24 hours.

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16 votes
2 answers

On what day does a person turn "X years and 6 months" for the purpose of driver licensing in USA states?

I was looking at the legal age when a person can have a permit. In some states, it is 14 and a half, in others, it is 15 and a half, and so on. My question is: if someone is born on August 31st and ...
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1 answer

Missing the deadline for statutory cancellation period but inquiring about it before

Bob has entered into an extended service contract. As is required by the law there must be allowed a 14 day cooling off period. But how is this figured? In other words, what types of communication are ...
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UK law and time limits

A patient with a history of mental health problems goes to his/her GP claiming depression. However, because the patient does not appear to act in the expected manner, the GP refuses time off. This is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Time limits in requesting discovery?

Is there a time limit for an opposing side to ask for discovery in a civil suit in MA?
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0 votes
2 answers

Statute of limitations in the USA

I was reading this interesting article by Bruce Schneier, where he explains how a notorious hacker called Kevin Mitnick "hacked" California Law in 1983 by researching the statute of ...
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2 answers

Late responses in lawsuit, how to forestall the court from allowing it

In the jurisdiction of the state of New York, a lawsuit demanding payment for a debt must be responded to within 20 days of the defendant being personally served. I assume this is a statutory limit, ...
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What would be the significance of a legal provision specifying a period of 12 months, rather than 1 year?

Is it just a matter of stylistic aesthetics? Could 12 months realistically ever be taken to mean anything other than what is totally synonymous with a year? The legalistic devil's advocate in me in ...
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