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When does transfer of ownership occur in amateur sale-purchase contracts?

Bob says to Rob: "I offer you $1,000 for this thing". Rob replies: "I accept your offer". From this very moment, is Bob the legal owner of the thing? Or does he need to wait for ...
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To sell a house in Pennsylvania, does everybody on the title have to agree?

In the state of Pennsylvania (USA), does every person listed as the owner on the title of a house have to agree in order for one of the owners to be able to sell the house? I've read that the law ...
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How can I legally abandon property in Texas

I inherited an empty lot in a residential neighborhood in Kingsville, Texas from my grandfather when he died several years ago. I have been paying taxes on this property since then, but I would like ...
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Cases titled/styled US v. some property (seizure) [duplicate]

In these made-up property seizure cases patterned after real ones, what is the role of the item in the defendant position? Is such property somehow a legal person or some kind of legal fiction? United ...
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Related to the The US Communications Act / Title 47 CFR: Would a license under one part be jepordized by a violation in another part?

The question is slightly different at the end but doesn't make complete sense without the intervening text. A bit of background. I have been a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Title 47 CFR Part 97) ...
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Do Rights , title and interest mean the transfer of only ownership or also obligations and responsibilities? [closed]

We have a Master service agreement with a telecommunication provider, we received a notice of assignment where it's mentioned that they assign all of their rights, title, and interest to another ...
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How is a notarized document different from a document with the District Registrar/sub-registrar?

Jurisdiction: India Relevant Law/Statute: ? Here in India a document may be notarized by a Notary Public, or it may be registered (if it falls under certain types ) by the District Registrar subject ...
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Can I have someone else submit my title paperwork for a car?

A few months back I decided to buy out a vehicle that I had a lease for. I sent a check to the finance company managing the lease, and after many shenanigans, 2.5 months later I received their title ...
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3 answers

Quiet Title Action. Is this normal?

I am in the process of purchasing a home for the first time. The title has a cloud because the house was sold at a tax sale in 2018 (the owner was deceased). The guy who bought it sold it to another ...
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I purchased a vehicle with my money for a business and now the business owner is claiming it is his [closed]

There are two titles because the original owner thought he lost the title in the past and requested a duplicate title and didn't realized he gave me the original. Using the original title I obtained ...
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2 answers

How do I get the title and ownership paperwork for a deceased relative's house?

My mother passed away. She left a will saying who should receive which items. However, my mother's will lacks a lot of useful information. For example, the will does not state where the title ...
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Vehicle Title Transfers

I live in Louisiana. I have some non-blood/no-real-relation relatives that live in a different part of Louisiana than I currently do. My step-mom(used to be) still have a close relationship. Last year ...
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Can a brick fence be built outside the title boundary in Victoria Australia?

Does a brick fence have to be built wholly within the title boundary of the owner or can this tresspass onto an adjoining owners title, which while within the owner of the brick fence's common ...
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Theft of title to a car

Someone stole my car and fraudulently registered it. She is someone I let borrow the car, who then stole the title. Also, car was registered without insurance. This is all public record. I bought the ...
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