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Which law is someone breaking by using a bathroom of a perceived wrong gender?

If a person is allowed to be in a building and use the bathroom, but they decide to use bathroom A when the owner of the facilities believes they belong to gender B: What can this person be accused ...
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Does one EU country have to accept the gender entry of another EU country?

Situation: German citizen B is born in Germany but moves to Estonia at some point and is registered in the Estonian population register with male gender and issued an Estonian ID card. B moves back ...
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Is discrimination against transgender people illegal?

Are there any laws that have criminalized discrimination against transgender people in general?
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What exactly determines the gender of a party in a divorce case?

We have a divorce case, husband X divorcing wife Y. However, somewhat simultaneously, wife Y is undergoing a Female-to-Male transition. What exactly would be the necessary trigger/condition for the ...
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Is it rape for a trans-male to lie to a woman that he is a cis-male and have sex with her

So a woman met someone at the bar who told her he was a guy. Everyone refers to the individual as he/him and the couple even had a conversation that brought up the fact that she was straight. Because ...
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What are non-physiological aspects of sex?

Section 7(1) equality act 2010 refers to “physiological or other aspects of sex.” What are these other aspects of sex? In other words, what does this “or other” clause refer to?
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Is it legal for a US minor to take puberty blockers /for a doctor to prescribe puberty blockers to a minor without their parents knowledge or consent?

Is it legal to prescribe a minor puberty blockers without their parents' knowledge or consent? Is there an age limit? Semi-related example: In Germany, it is legal to prescribe girls birth control ...
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Before being overturned, did Roe v Wade grant pregnant men the right to have abortions, in addition to pregnant women?

The language in the Roe v Wade decision refers over and over to the rights of a "pregnant woman". Does this mean it protected only the rights of pregnant women, and not pregnant men, to ...
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Can adult detransitioners who underwent treatment when they were minors, bring a class action lawsuit and against whom?

I notice that, on social media, there are numbers of videos by detransitioners, or those unable to reverse their procedures, expressing their regret for a childhood decision that was facilitated by ...
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Change name and gender in Switzerland as a non-Swiss citizen

So I live in Switzerland, but have British and Italian dual citizenship. I want to change my name and gender legally everywhere or at the very least on official documents here in Switzerland. I may be ...
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Can a trans man get an abortion in Texas where a woman can't?

Texas has an anti-abortion law, Health and Safety Code 245 which states: the act of using or prescribing an instrument, a drug, a medicine, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to ...
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In Vermont, what determines which prison does a non-binary person goes to?

The non-binary actor Ezra Miller has been charged with felony burglary in Vermont. In the event a person who does not identify as male or female is convicted and sent to prison in Vermont, how is it ...
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LHBTI+ rights and swimwear

In much of the western world, decency laws require women to wear swimwear that covers their breasts; for men there is no such requirement. In jurisdictions that recognize individuals' self-...
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Is a new Idaho law purporting to ban interstate transport of minors for gender-affirming care constitutional?

Idaho's House of Representatives has just passed a bill criminalizing most forms of gender-affirming treatment for minors. Most audaciously to my eye, subsection (4) of the bill purports to ...
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If someone who has obtained a GRC 'detransitions', can they 'return' to their original gender?

If an individual obtains a Gender Recognition Certificate, but then decides that they identify with the gender they were assigned at birth (so-called 'detransitioning'; cf the case of Bell v Tavistock)...
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I'm a trans woman. When can I deregister from the American draft registry?

When I was 18, I received a scary form from the Department of Defense telling me I had to sign up for something called “Selective Service” (or face prison time and other things). Not knowing any ...
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Dual citizenship and different legal gender?

Is there any information on any prevailing or official policy on people with dual citizenship, where the legal gender is different in the two countries? Is there any information available on what the ...
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Can a manager kick you out for being trans in North Carolina

36 minutes ago They kicked me out for being trans and going to my preferred bathroom. I get not using the lady's restroom if I had a big beard but I don't have a beard I wasn't doing anything in there ...
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Is it illegal to refuse a man to enter a Women's Only Poker Tournament?

I read a story about men entering women's only poker tournaments. One example from the article states that eight men joined the field of over 1000 female poker players in the $1,000 buy-in 2009 WSOP ...
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Legal ramifications if transgender identity was recognized as a religious belief?

Transgenderism is a sincerely held personal belief, relating to how one conducts oneself. What would be the legal ramifications (US) if transgender identity was legally recognized as a religious ...
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Is the NYC gender identity law too harsh? [closed] Examples of Violations Intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title. For ...
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Is there a definition of "biological sex" in U.S. law?

According to MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT / SUBJECT: Military Service by Transgender Individuals: • Transgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria are disqualified from ...
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Case law relating to gender expression

I recently discovered the existence of Local Law No. 3 (2002); N.Y.C. Admin. Code § 8-102(23) - which allows for people to be fined up to $250k for using the wrong gender pronouns. Even after cutting ...
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Is it rape to have sex with a man without disclosing that one is a male-to-female transgender person?

A male-to-female transgender person meets a male partner, but does not tell the partner about being transgender. Thus, the male partner believes the transgender woman is a (cis-gender) woman, and they ...
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Do any UK laws dictate how a person's title shall be determined on their passport?

This question is related to gender issues, and should be seen in that context. A person's legal gender in UK law and on official UK documents such as a passport, is legally determined. But what ...
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How does Australian law consider a marriage in which one person has subsequently transitioned?

In Australia: Same sex marriage is not currently legal. This extends even to same sex marriages from other countries, which "must not be recognised as a marriage in Australia". At both the federal ...
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What laws apply to transgender individuals using toilets and locker rooms?

This Skeptics SE post regarding a transgender individual (male to female) using a female locker room brought up some interesting legal issues regarding the rights of transgender individuals in using ...
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