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What power do I have as a driver if my interstate route is blocked by a protest?

I recently read about protests blocking an interstate. I feel like ethically no one no (non-police) citizen has the right to obstruct my travel (on a public interstate for the sake of protest), ...
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Can the Thai government legally ban Thai citizens from entering Thailand?

I read on that the Thai government will temporarily block all inbound travel. Can the Thai government legally ban ...
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Am I legally allowed to build my own rocket and fly to space by myself?

Let's say I have all the technology, knowledge, materials, money and time to build my own homemade space rocket. Am I allowed to fly to space with it?
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Are there any countries without copyright?

Are there any countries that do not recognize any form of copyright, and you could legally (for example) strip the DRM from a just-released movie and share it online? If so, what happens if I (a US ...
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Is it possible to leave canada by train or car unvaccinated and vice versa?

Can an unvaccinated Canadian citizen or noncitizen leave the country by car or train and likewise return by car or train?
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Which agency or government body should a tourist to Antarctica report to?

When a tourist party goes to Antarctica whether part of a trip organized by a travel agency or a adventurous party going by themselves, who should them report to? Is there anything as immigration laws ...
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Is it legal to operate a vehicle without a license in the purpose of traveling [closed]

I saw a post on here that was made about operating a motor vehicle and while the OP was correct and someone answered yes you can, and even gave a brief explanation I think it's judicially ...
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