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What are the implications of the Good Friday Agreement for customs controls?

After the Good Friday Agreement was concluded, customs and security controls between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom were removed (From Wikipedia). The Irish border is one of the major ...
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Which countries grant extraterritoriality to US citizens?

Some countries have ceded, to the United States, some control in the application of their own laws within their own borders. A historical example would be the Treaty of Wanghia, signed with China in ...
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Have "objection to" vs. "acceptance of" a treaty reservation ever had different effects?

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties has provisions with regards to action a state may take in response to a reservation to a treaty. Assume that Article 20 (1-3) do not apply. Article 21: ...
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Which countries have an agreement with the US that specifically exempts dual nationals from induction into the US military in the event of a draft?

I was reading the "Dual Nationals" section on Selective Service System's website, found here. It states that some dual nationals would be exempt from induction into the military in the event ...
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Canada–United States Boundary Commission – Treaty of 1925

The International Boundary Commission, which maintains the three-meter-(almost 20-foot)-wide "boundary vista" along the border, claims authority to grant or deny permission to build anything within ...
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Nature of the Preliminary Articles of Peace of 1782 The Preliminary Articles of Peace at the URL above appear to be identical to the peace treaty usually said to be dated 1783 and ratified in 1784. ...
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Why are magic mushrooms generally regarded as subject to the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances while khat is not

The UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances lists the following substances, inter alia: cathinone - Schedule 1 cathine - Schedule 3 psilocin - Schedule 1 psilocybin - Schedule 1 Neither khat, which ...
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