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Does the "natural born Citizen" requirement for presidency violate the ICERD?

Article two, clause five of the United States Constitution states: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, ...
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Nature of the Preliminary Articles of Peace of 1782 The Preliminary Articles of Peace at the URL above appear to be identical to the peace treaty usually said to be dated 1783 and ratified in 1784. ...
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Can the US government be compelled to honor the NATO treaty?

The North Atlantic Treaty (which establishes NATO) commits each member to mutual defence in case any member is attacked. The treaty has been ratified by the US, so it is legally binding. My question ...
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What would be involved in breaking or renegotiating NAFTA?

A couple weeks ago, a Republican candidate for president suggested that if elected, he'd renegotiate NAFTA or break it. What would be involved in either of those processes? Or specifically: Repeal/...
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How might this use of the Star Wars logo and universe be legal?

A French book about Star Wars recently came out, giving a psychological approach on the films and characters. The book doesn't contain images, but on the cover, the Star Wars logo is visible, and ...
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Have "objection to" vs. "acceptance of" a treaty reservation ever had different effects?

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties has provisions with regards to action a state may take in response to a reservation to a treaty. Assume that Article 20 (1-3) do not apply. Article 21: ...
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Will the Iran nuclear agreement become a treaty if passed?

United States. Question Will the agreement between the United States and Iran regarding their nuclear program become a U.S. treaty if passed by a simple majority of Congress? My understanding is ...
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