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Neighbors tree starting to lean towards my house

The neighbor across the street has enormous pine trees, and one of them has started to lean towards my house. I'm spending a few nights at a family member's house at the moment. I'd obviously like to ...
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What can I do to protect myself if someone gets injured on my property? [closed]

I've got a large walnut tree in my backyard that I would like removed. I've been told that because walnut wood is valuable that if I post a local ad saying they can have the wood if they cut the tree ...
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The trouble of White Oaks in the neighbor's yard

Charles inherited and owns an estate of land in upstate New York, Westchester County, Eastchester township. It's not incorporated in either Bronxville or Tuckahoe. On the west side of his land, he has ...
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What can I do about this tree?

I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and I haven't been able to find a reference as to what my legal options are when it comes to a neighbor's tree and my yard. I could only find a "general rule" for ...
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