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The tort of intrusion upon another person's real property. For trespass to chattels see tags "theft" or "conversion." For trespass to the person see tags "assault" or "battery."

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Country roads, take me to Jail? Are private roads in Virginia Commonwealth generally closed to public travel?

Some background for context: I was out on a bike ride in Loudoun County, Virginia last weekend, following a GPS route I got from a local bike shop. While traveling down a gravel road, a local motorist ...
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Trespassing in Portugal

In Portugal, if people trespass property, what are the legal implications? For example, If a person opens my gate and enters my yard to knock on my door, is he trespassing? If a person enters my ...
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When does "silence imply consent" for trespass to land?

Once upon a time there was a parking lot attendant. He watched a person getting out of his car and could have said, "You're not allowed to park in that particular spot." But the attendant stayed ...
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Can a co-op tenant shareholder exclude people from common areas if they refuse to abide by house rules?

In New York City, can a co-op tenant/shareholder refuse to allow a guest or contractor of another tenant/shareholder into common areas of the building if the person is violating the co-op's house ...
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Is there anything I can do legally when my daughter lets her boyfriend in our home without our permission?

My daughter is 16, and my wife and I just found she's been sneaking her boyfriend (who is 17) into our house while we're not home. His parents don't seem to be doing anything about it. Does this ...
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What is the threshold of disruption caused necessary to establish an aggravated trespass?

Section 68 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 creates the offence of aggravated trespass turning the act into a crime from a mere civil tort. But the line seems rather fuzzy. So which ...
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Ordered to leave public property where I was legally parked

I live in GA. I was ordered to leave a place where I was, according to an LEO, legally parked. The person who ordered this was the head of the parks department. Since the LEO said I was not in ...
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Can a ban from a venue be nullified by subsequent admittance?

Bob was expressly told by an employee Emily of a business to never return to that location. A month later, he returns and Emily advises her colleague Colleen the Bob has been banned. A year later Bob ...
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Kids climbing fence to pass through yard - homeowner's liablity?

Suppose a property owner does not mind if children, say aged 11 to 13, climb over their fence to use their property as a shortcut. What would their liability be if one of these children hurt ...
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What will I be charged with in Manhattan, New York?

I conspired with Daisy to steal a NYSE work badge/access card from Sanjay and Daisy replaces his badge with a fake one. I impersonate Sanjay (make my appearance like his) and sneak into the NYSE with ...
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Getting property removed from my land

I require somebody else's property to be removed from land I am freeholder of as I need the space myself. I think that: Them refusing to remove it is "tresspass", a civil wrong. I can take them to ...
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