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Trespassing vs Breaking and entering [duplicate]

John is caught on the roof of a building he is not supposed to be on. He is allowed to enter the building just not go to that section of the building. In John's backpack, he is caught with a flathead ...
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Has anyone ever been acquitted of trespassing or another crime because a property sign did not say "POSTED"?

It appears that the word "POSTED" on private property signs is, in some jurisdictions, legally significant. Has anyone ever been acquitted of trespassing, or any property owner lost a ...
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6 answers

Why do many "No Trespassing" signs say "POSTED"?

Many "no trespassing" signs say "POSTED" in large letters at the top. Why? Obviously, the sign is posted; that's the whole purpose of a sign. To me, it makes as much sense as ...
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Is threatening a trespasser at gunpoint impermissible in UT?

The question is prompted by news video of a trespassing snowboarder threatened at gunpoint. If ...
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Trespass Law in Illinois

Can you be trespassed by a municipality over a privately owned property only by verbal warning or does notice have to be given for the trespass to be deemed legal ? Under the law what actually ...
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Can the USAF legally prevent me from walking on the beach waterline?

TL;DR: Do I have a right to walk on the beach at Eglin Air Force Base if I don't stray from the water's edge? I've been walking along the beach in Florida for years. Part of my route used to take me ...
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What responsibility does a museum have to a protestor who glues themself to the wall

Can the museum leave the protestor glued there and leave for the night? Edit: it appears that 4 days after I posted this questions, a Porsche showroom locked the protestors inside after turning off ...
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1 answer

Is this trespassing on US government property?

I live on a residential access road off of USDA property. Multiple times a week for the last 5 years, I have taken a walk down my road and on to the USDA property, walking on the main roads around the ...
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What crime am I comitting hot wiring a unprotected vehicle on a public area

Consider the following: On a construction site on a public road without any sort of barrier a very old dumper is sitting. It has absolutely no protection like requring an rfid chip from the key to be ...
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2 answers

Penalty for trespassing on a gas station parking lot in Kentucky [closed]

My brother was parked at a gas station before they opened at 4:45 am to rest his eyes. At 5:00 am when they opened, he went inside, used the restroom, and did not buy anything. Owner asked him to ...
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What would happen if you entered a building and didn’t leave because you didn’t think the person there was the owner?

Imagine you come across a building in a public place with some signs on it and an unlocked door. The signs make it seem like a shop or activity center rather than saying anything like “Keep Out”. You ...
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Can a squatter exclude a subsequent trespasser from a property?

Meet Bob. Bob is occupying a property as a squatter and is awaiting his hearing date for the interim possession claim. In the meantime, he is organising private underground music events in the ...
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Is a person serving a property owner with notice of a lawsuit excempt from trespassing charges?

If John sues Bob, and he walks past Bob's "POSTED - NO TRESPASSING" sign up to his door to serve him notice of the lawsuit, Bob says "Get off my property!" before realizing why ...
13 votes
4 answers

Is it legal to accidentally hunt on private property?

I know, from this question it is not illegal to be on private property without permission if you do not know and could not reasonably be expected to know that it is private property. Does this apply ...
23 votes
4 answers

Is a sign that only says "POSTED", nothing else, sufficient to be understood as "No Trespassing"?

In 2014 I hiked in the Adirondack Mountains, New York, United States of America. The trail passed a sign that had a single word on it: "POSTED". There was no other text on the sign either ...
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2 answers

What is the point of saying "no trespassing"?

The more I've thought about my question about no-trespassing signs saying "POSTED", I've realized that "no trespassing" doesn't really make sense either. Trespassing is, by ...
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Does a "no hunting" sign on its own imply other activities are okay?

If a property has a "No Hunting" sign but not a "No Trespassing" sign, is it legal to go on that property for reasons other than hunting?
4 votes
2 answers

Is accidental, unknowing tresspassing possible?

John is hunting on public land. If John accidentally crosses an unmarked property line of which he is not aware onto Joe's property, is he trespassing?
1 vote
1 answer

Is it legal to "sneak into Mar-a-Lago"?

This article lists six ways to "sneak into Mar-a-Lago." It says "it’s not illegal to go places you don’t belong," but most of the ways listed seem like fraud and/or trespassing. Is ...