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Questions tagged [trial]

For questions about trial in a court of law -- customs, procedures, and rules.

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Can evidence produced in a civil action be excluded from a criminal trial?

Following this question, which is part of a chain of interesting posts exploring the use of civil actions to force liability insurers to pay for unintentional torts of their insureds: Suppose a ...
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What happens to Kyle Rittenhouse's AR-15 now?

It is my understanding, that the rifle was taken away from the accused, and that it was part of the evidence used during trial by the prosecution. However, now that the trial is over and the man is ...
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What are the typical stages / processes of a criminal trial?

In a criminal trial in the United States, there are stages or processes which are followed by every case heard by the courts. I understand some states may vary in procedure but what are the stages ...
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Does California Penal Code 1214.1 disallow the requirement to pay bail before Trial by Written Declaration?

California Penal Code 1214.1(b2) states: Payment of a civil assessment shall not be required to schedule a court hearing on a pending underlying charge. However, California Traffic Courts ...
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How many murder trials take place in America each year?

A handful of murder trials get extensive media coverage each year for a variety of reasons. In November 2021 the two hot trials are the State of Wisconsin vs Kyle Rittenhouse and State of Georgia vs ...
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Where/whom can I look/contact to find historical minutes of murder trials in former Yugoslavia (circa 1925)?

I am writing an article about an alleged female serial killer that committed over 30 murders in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia, possibly in the town of Zrenjanin) around 1925. I have found several US ...
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Risky if Plaintiff does not sue all possible co-conspirators?

Is there a danger that if a Plaintiff in a civil case does not sue all co-conspirators but calls these unnamed conspirators as witnesses, that a jury might attribute less fault or no fault to the ...
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