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Do any judicial bodies in England have inquisitorial powers?

England mostly follows common law, an adversarial system which is the opposite of the inquisitorial judicial system. That said, are there deviations and variations from this in any of its judicial ...
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What procedural guidance is existent pertaining to the combination of county court and DTT proceedings? [closed]

What rules govern this practice? Presumably it is done for gains of efficiency, but then are the entire combined proceedings heard according to the tribunal procedure rules? Or componently according ...
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What does it mean that the RPT tribunal member in this case was “also sitting as a district judge of the county court”?

In this case one of the tribunal judges is indicated as having been sitting as a judge of the county court, even though the claim had been brought in the first tier tribunal of residential property. ...
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Is there a fee payable when applying to a First Tier Tribunal for recovery of a prohibited payment?

If so, how much is the fee? Tenant Fees Act 2019 provides a special procedure and form TFA1 to recover banned fees, but must one pay a fee to file such an application?
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Is a precedent of the Upper Tribunal binding on a county court?

It is said to have the equivalent status of the High Court, so that would suggest yes. And yet, it is not a proper court, so to speak, so what is the status of its decisions on lower courts that are ...
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How are first tier tribunal case reference numbers formulated?

Here is an example of a first tier tribunal case reference number: BIR/00CN/LVE/2012/0001. The case being Scriven & ors v Calthorpe Estates & ors. In the reference, the first section appears ...
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What power does a first tier tribunal have to compel testimony?

Bob brings an application in a first tier tribunal (property chamber). He is asked a question during the hearing pursuant to his witness statement which he feels is irrelevant to the proceedings. ...
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Can an applicant in a tribunal case appoint and authorize a representative at any point throughout?

Suppose Al applies to the tribunal to initiate a case but declines to appoint a legal representative at the time of the initial application. Can he do so later in the process? And can he withdraw or ...
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Do actions to be heard in a tribunal rather than court utilise the pre-action protocol?

I imagine the code of civil procedure as something that is set out and expected by courts. However I know it to be quite elaborate and technical, and not the most accessible to a lay man. Tribunals ...