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Uniform Commercial Code

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When is payment by a mailed check made?

A contract is executed between two Indiana LLCs which obligates the payor to "pay $100 on the 1st of each month" in exchange for goods/services. No other terms are given. Payor mails a ...
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Can I viably sue for damages caused by bugs in freeware?

Freeware is software released free of charge. Often times freeware is written by a hobbyist or academic who is looking to create a tool for their field, but is either not interested in profit or ...
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Can a borrower create a taxable event for a lender by selling loaned property (e.g gold)?

Lending property (e.g. gold) is not a taxable event as the asset has not been sold. Let's use gold as an example to simplify things. Scenario: A US company is loaned a $100,000 gold bar by a US ...
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Are (new) parts purchased from or replaced by the original manufacturer subject to protections under lemon laws as a new product?

Say, you purchase a passenger vehicle with some of the original warranty given by the manufacturer remaining. Knowing the typical issues with the vehicle, you decide to buy some spare parts — each new,...
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How can a cash sale result in a voidable title?

§ 2-403. Power to Transfer; Good Faith Purchase of Goods; "Entrusting". Please look at the statute above. It is fairly short. There is a link to it here: I am ...
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When two promissory notes represent the same debt, which one is legally valid?

An application was completed for a FFEL guaranteed student loan consolidation including a signature on the bottom, promissory note section. The guarantee company insisted a second, computer generated ...
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Is there an Implied Law in Texas when you make a purchase?

I purchased a fridge at a used appliance store in Texas. The receipt states "First 90 days: if the Synergy Appliance fails to function during first 90 days, Synergy appliance will repair or replace it ...
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Collateral and Property Rights

I'm not a legal professional or student, curiosity brought me here. I'm trying to figure out how ownership applies items that are financed, and to items that are used as collateral to obtain that ...
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Retrieving and Filling UCC documents (US)

I know that based on the type of UCC form you are filling you may need to file it with either the state or the local county. Does this mean that when trying to retrieve UCC documents pertaining to a ...
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Merchantability of low quality video games & UCC 2-315

For the purposes of this question, let's assume an online retailer who sells digitally distributed video games, based in California, selling to a consumer in New York. The NY based consumer is using a ...
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How to approach integrated extended service and durable goods UCC SOF K

A and B are friends. A is a reputable retailer specializing in shoes. B asks A for economical help, and A agrees that if B can manufacture a custom shoe that they'd continue working together. Some ...
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Online version of most up-to-date UCC?

Is there an online version of the most up to date Uniform Commercial Code? I'd prefer a free copy but would be happy with any electronic copy.
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Excluding Implied Warranties in Multi-national Contracts

I am selling specialized industrial products to a Polish company who will use them at a site in Poland. We have hired a Polish lawyer to help us understand/exclude as many implied warranties as ...
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