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Barring legal fees — why does one lone junior barrister (for each party) appear, in a minority of some UK Supreme Court cases?

In most UKSC cases, at least 1 QC and 1 junior barrister appear for each party to the case. Often, multiple QC's and multiple juniors appear. But I have stumbled on exceptions like Mathieson v SSWP [...
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What is the justification for supreme courts being able to overrule/overturn their own past decisions?

It can’t overturn the constitution in most countries for example which gives the past apparent supremacy over the present. But between different eras of Supreme courts I guess the present takes ...
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Projectors, White Boards & Electronic devices in judicial courts

Are projectors, white boards and other electronic devices viz monitor screens, laptops,scanners, recording and playback devices etc. available or allowed in courts? As a example, the lawyer of either ...
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Panel of Judges in Supreme Court - Odd number?

In Supreme Court, the panel of judges will always be a odd number? 3,5,7,9 so the decision in terms of votes count verdict will always outcome a result and not a tie?
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What is the father of the bride test?

I have been watching a Supreme Court hearing, and there are certain things that I don't understand. I have also not been able to find what these things mean on the internet. The Supreme Court hearing ...
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What is the canonical ruling on why the rulings of a supreme court cannot be appealed?

I am essentially asking for a quote that I know exists but cannot remember. A Law Lord from the British House of Lords either made a remark or an actual ruling on the subject of whether a ruling from ...
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