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When is it legal to infiltrate the existence of a person or group with undercover officers?

Clearly it is legal sometimes: today in the news was the trial of Darren Osment, in the past few decades there was a big deal about an officer that sired a son with an eco activist under a pseudonym ...
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Is a bystander liable to be arrested for interfering in an undercover cop's operation?

If for example, a random person passing by happens to see some altercation between some undercover cops and a suspect and they wrongfully assumed that the suspect was being ganged upon, will they get ...
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What would be considered entrapment by UC?

When it comes to undercover operations and undercover cops (UC), what is considered entrapment and how “far” are UC allowed to go? Scenario 1: UC approaches a suspected dealer and asks to buy drugs. ...
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Is the police obligated to immediately arrest anybody whilst undercover?

Say a police officer is undercover (we'll stick to America). They are trying to find evidence of someone committing a crime? However, the person unknowingly admits to the officer that they plan to ...
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US laws: shooting an undercover cop

So this is in the interest of storytelling and writing. So we have cop A who is undercover and acting as mobster B's right hand man. Then we have bar owner C who closed down the bar, and is alone in ...
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Can the police video-record sexual acts of underage children during an investigation?

I have read today that "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution in human trafficking probe". In the article itself, they state the that: "Robert Kraft, is being ...
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Are plain clothes police officers allowed to use force to make an arrest?

Disclaimer: I'm not related to this case in any way shape or form, I'm just a citizen trying to look at this without bias. Recently there was an issue in Massachusettes where a group of skaters were ...
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Can a police officer make an arrest while working undercover?

I am a playwright working on a new play related to Ag-Gag laws. My plot involves a woman who is trespassing with another animal rights activist to film animal cruelty at a CAFO. Unbeknownst to her, ...
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Is it legal for undercover cops to pose as your friends?

I recently saw a video on YouTube about a kid who was arrested after "selling" weed to an undercover cop who was pretending to be his friend at school, what I found even worse was that the kid had ...
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When is it OK for law enforcement/intelligence-gathering agents to go undercover as journalists?

Previously, I had thought there might have been prohibitions against spies and law enforcement officers from going undercover as journalists, e.g. because this puts real journalists in greater danger ...
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