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If one loses their job while outside the US, is their worker visa immediately revoked?

Suppose a foreign citizen was working in the US on a non-immigrant worker visa. While they were enjoying their summer break outside the US, they receive an email noting that he had just been ...
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Fired (seemingly) for finding paycheck inconsistencies. What kind of legal recourse might exist?

Not me, but a friend. They found some paycheck inconsistencies for them and a bunch of other employees, and asked about it. The response from management was "oh, oops. We'll fix it" A few ...
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Can a professor be fired for lying about a student breaking the rules? [closed]

So let's say a professor at a college knowingly lies and tells the administration that a student did something that got the student expelled. Say administration found out the professor lied. Would ...
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Unemployment standards

Is it possible to still be able to recieve unemployment due to depression with family matters having agreed with employer and person that resigning due to family matters causing one not being able to ...
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Can you file for employment insurance if you still own a business that makes 10,000 a year without work in Canada?

Can you file for employment insurance if you still own a business that makes $10,000 a year without work in Canada? Let's say you lose a job, not by your own fault, that made you $90,000 a year, but ...
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Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while waiting for a final job offer?

I was laid off for 'lack of work' earlier this week. About a day or so later I ended up accepting an employment offer from a large corporation. However, the issue is, I cannot start this job for six ...
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Registering as a freelancer in Germany

I recently lost my job & therefore I registered myself with ArbeitAgentur for unemployment benefits. The benefits will start from the next month. I've been working for the past 4 years as regular ...
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Is begging a laid-off employee to stay an offer of employment?

About a month ago, I asked a question over on Workplace. TL;DR: I was informally told I was being laid off, but when I asked HR about rights and benefits, they were totally unaware of any layoff. ...
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Am I eligible for unemployment? Resigned, transitioned to part time, then let go

Work was too much, too many hours, no life, inability to take care too much stress so... I discussed resigning with my boss early January, and was convinced to stay with some help offered to reduce ...
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How to answer a job application with a sealed record [duplicate]

How would you answer these questions if your misdemeanor been sealed. Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been convicted of a crime ?
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Will be asked to come back to work - wife cannot due to children

Due to COVID-19 all schools were closed (At least here in MI - I am certain everywhere). My wife's work is starting to ask when she will return. Unfortunately she has to become our 3 daughter's ...
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Receiving payment for work performed a month prior to filing for unemployment and submitting weekly unemployment claim

I have been on unemployment for the month of May and am confused as to how I should answer the question "Did you work or earn wages during the week?" My employer pays me monthly for work that was ...
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Furlough/partial-unemployment and demand by employer to perform different role than hired for

An acquaintance is employed for a role in housekeeping and is currently on furlough but receiving benefits and unemployment plus federal supplement. Employer called today and demanded they come back ...
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Can I claim unemployment benefits if I already have a new job lined up?

Imagine that I live and work in Massachusetts. I am being laid off by the end of the year. I already have a new job but it won't start until a few months after the end of my current employment. I know ...
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NDA and Applying for Unemployment

Is information required for an Unemployment application exempt from NDAs? I signed one when I was hired, agreeing not to discuss my employer (a celebrity, hence the NDA), employment, separation, etc. ...
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Six months probationary period

I have read and understand 6 months probationary period rule, that employee exceeds 6 months of probationary period shall be regularized otherwise informed by the employer to not continue. Now the ...
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Can a CEO of a C corporation who make no salary qualify unemployment benefits?

Many officers of startups do not make a salary, but they are actively working for their company. While they do have options, these options may not be worth much of anything in the beginning. If the ...
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Can you claim unemployment benefits while driving for a ride-sharing company in Florida?

I've been working in one full-time job for over 5 years. In the past year or so, I started driving for a couple ride-sharing companies to supplement my income. Now, I'm being laid off from my primary ...
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