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Unfair terms in a shorthold lease, and restrictions on living with other people

The tenancy agreement states that the tenant cannot share or reassign the occupation of the flat to any of their friends, family, or associates. Subletting for money is also prohibited. Is this a fair ...
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Must conflicts between different terms of a contract be resolved in favour of a consumer?

I’m inclined to recall that there was something or other in one of the statutory non exhaustive lists of example unfair contract terms that says this, but I can’t find the specific one that I’m ...
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Contradictory terms in a contract - which would prevail?

Suppose a lease agreement that was agreed and signed by both parties specifies the following: Rent: £1,560.00 per calendar month (annual rent equals to eighteen thousand seven hundred and twenty ...
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Is this telephone company's terms of usage common or unfair?

Though many think the price is good, their policy does mean your telephone service is subject to change. Is this even legal to enforce per FCC? reserves the right to reclaim any phone number from ...
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Is it legal to sell extra patties only with a full burger but not alone?

A menu lists burgers for £12 and additional "doubling up" patties for £3.50. Suppose one wants to only prefer a pattie by itself for £3.50 but not a burger. Is it fair for restaurants to ...
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Are there any statutory minimum remedies if a company has been found to be trading on unfair terms?

If a company is trading by terms deemed unfair by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) they will be told to stop, but are any remedies set out in law for customers that were affected by the ...
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4 answers

Is it lawful to offer smaller portions only to children below a certain age, by calling it a "children's menu"?

Suppose that one is ordering from a restaurant that offers full portions for £11 or half-sized portions on a section of the menu designated as for kids for £6. But suppose that one is over the ...
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Enforceability of service contract liability amid consumer relocation

Meet Alice. She joined a gym on a 12 month contract. She moves out of the area or country and while requiring evidence of a permanent move such as a lease agreement in the new locale or employment ...