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Can my landlord charge me a fee not stated in the lease? But told in text/verbally?

This is in Pennsylvania. My landlord told me, before I signed the lease, that there is a 45 dollar laundry fee every month. Ok, fine. I go to sighn the lease, and no where in the lease does it state ...
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Can I get my utilities data for free?

My utilities company only shows the past 3 years of bills on their user portal. I emailed them asking them to send me historical data (bills) from the very beginning of my service. They said they'll ...
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If my roommates use more utilities than me, am I legally allowed to pay less? [closed]

I live with three roommates. My roommates use much more electricity than I do and are constantly wasting energy, which means our utility bill is high. The bill is in the name of one of my roommates, ...
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Are unpaid utilities of the previous tenant required to be paid before service can be started?

Company in question: LADWP Area: Los Angeles/CA Our last roommate refused to pay his share of the electricity bill during a lengthy eviction process by our landlord. The account is only in his name, ...
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What are the possible repercussions of failing to pay, or alternatively register for utility bills?

A common trope among self styled sovereign citizens is that there's effectively no real need to pay for utilities. Because they "can't" shut them off. I can easily imagine some human rights ...
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When would proposed provisions of cancelling no fault evictions possibly come into effect?

See the following article which refers to a white paper. Landlords are to be prevented from evicting tenants in England without giving a reason, under proposals ...
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